The Best Guides on How to Fuck

Looking to improve your game, and fuck more girls without signing up for a bunch of sites? Check out our exclusive how to fuck guides which provide tons of easy tips and strategies to get more lays in your daily life.

From clothing and style hacks, to optimizing your Tinder profile we’ve compiled golden nuggets from hundreds of scientific studies for one reason - to help everyday guys like you and me get more sex. Enjoy 😀

How to Fuck Any Girl? 7 Hacks
I've had trouble hitting on girls as long as I can remember, but that all changed when I started using these simple hacks. So come along, and I'll show you.
What to Put on my Dating Profile?
Feeling like you're running out of fish in the sea? Your profile may be driving your matches away. Learn the rules for getting results on dating sites & apps.
What to Wear? Dating Clothing Hacks
Here are 5 tricks that make you more attactive for both men and women.
Places to Hookup? 5 Great Locations
What do you do when you need to hookup, but don't have a sex location? Try these 5 weird places to hookup with chicks, even when you're under pressure.
Get Laid Tonight? Try These 5 Hacks
For years my work has gone unpublished, but now I'm ready to share my findings with the world so that anyone (yes even you) can get laid at a moments notice.
Best Free Local Sex Apps? Try These
If you're looking for sex apps to help you score a local fuck, you've come to the right place. Check out these 5 free apps to find a fuckbuddy or hookup in 2019
Hookup Mistakes? Never do This
You might think you're a regular Ron Jeremy in bed, but you're still probably making these mistakes. Here's a list of every bonehead hookup fail guys make.
Friends with Benefits? Find a Match
Looking for a friends with benefits relationship (FWB)? Here's 7 Steps to getting the casual relationship of your dreams, and one mistake you must never make.
Need a Fuck Friend? How-to Guide
If you're wondering if there's a girl out there for you, wait no longer. I'm giving you a full-blown guide on how to secure a fuck friend in your local area.
Need a Fuck Buddy? 5 Weird Tricks
It's no secret that everyone wants a fuck buddy. But getting one is harder than it looks. Use this complete guide to navigate the murky world of casual sex.
How to Handle a Side Chick? [Guide]
Whether you're a shameless cheater, or simply want a side chick, you must know these 5 hacks to fuck around and not get caught.
Can You Hookup with Her? Here's How
Getting a new girl to hookup with you can be intimidating. Use these 9 hacks which will massively increase your chances of slaying that hot new chick.
How to Get a Fuck Buddy? Try This
Looking for a local fuck buddy or friends with benefits type relationship? Use this guide to effortlessly land a new fuck friend in 2019.
Casual Sex? Best Guide for Girls
Looking for casual sex, but don't want to feel like a slut? Check this guide to see what real women say about hooking up with randoms in 2019.
Fuck Apps That Work? Top 5 to Try
With so many local fuck apps on the market, it's hard to know which one is right for you. Here are the best 5 free fuck apps of 2019, and 1 app to never use.