5 Weird Clothing Hacks that make you more attractive

Looking and feeling your best doesn't require a whole new wardrobe or a movie makeover.

If you want to be more attractive to the opposite sex, it's all in the small details.

Knowing what your best features are and how to enhance them will make you more attractive automatically.

So, when you're getting ready to go for the night or about to go on a date, there's a bunch of tiny tweaks that will make a huge difference in how you look.

Here are 5 tips for guys that make you instantly more attractive to women. Also can get right to ways to make yourself more fuckable.

And 5 tips for women to be insanely more attractive to men.

Men: Roll your shirtsleeves

If you got sleeves, roll 'em.

If you're not wearing a jacket or a bunch of layers, rolling your sleeves is a simple trick to make yourself look professionally styled.

This applies to both short and long sleeves.

If you have short sleeves on it'll show off your upper arm muscles, which women love.

And if you have long sleeves, rolling them just enough to see some forearm is super sexy.

Rolling your sleeves will make you go from looking like Dwight Schrute to Ryan Gosling in seconds.

Men: Tuck your shirt in

Sometimes it's hard to know if you should tuck your shirt or not.

Finding that balance between comfort and style isn't always easy.

But if what you're wearing can be tucked.

Tuck it.

Knowing when to tuck your shirt can be hard.

Here are the times that you should tuck your shirt in.

If you are wearing layers, like a sweater on top of your shirt, you should tuck the shirt underneath.

This will help streamline your silhouette having the shirt tucked and the top layer not.

Which will make your bod look much better.

Also if your shirt has a collar or something similar it should always be tucked.

It also depends where you're going.

Women like men that know how to dress for an event.

If you're going somewhere fancier, always wear clothes you can tuck.

But please never ever tuck a sports jersey.

Men: Tailor your clothes

Wear clothes that fit you.

Women don't like when men wear clothes that are way too tight on them.

And they also don't like when you wear clothes that are too loose.

Women wanna see the shape of your body but don't put everything on display.

Getting a few pairs of pants and jackets that are tailored to you and wearing those when you go out will make you look more attractive.

Women notice when things fit really well and will compliment you and that'll boost your confidence and confidence also makes you look more attractive.

Men: Match your belt with your shoes

Women will think you got dressed in the dark if you have mismatched belt and shoe combination.

Color coordinating your belt and your shoes is an impactful detail that doesn't require that much effort.

If you don't have any belts or shoes that match you can go to Ross and buy a cheap belt to match your shoes.

Women would notice the mismatch colors over a cheap belt any day.

Don't worry, your belt and shoes don't need to look like they are cut from the same cloth.

Just make sure that they are the same color.

If there is a slight difference in brown, that's okay.

Your shoes and belt are far enough apart from each other that they will just notice that they are both brown.

Women love a man that knows how to match.

Just never match your white shoes to a white belt.

Don't wear a white belt ever.

White shoes can go with any color belt, but white.

Men: Wear sunglasses

You might wonder why some celebs wear sunglasses all the time.

According to science wearing, sunglasses can make you look more attractive to the opposite sex.

Sunglasses can really make your misshapen face look better.

It's been proven that symmetry of the face is why some people are more attractive than others.

So put on a pair of sunglasses and instantly your face will look more symmetrical.

Wearing sunglasses can also make you look cooler and more mysterious.

Women love a little mystery in a guy and wearing sunglasses is a quick hack to achieve a mysterious look.

You also want to wear darker shaded sunglasses compared to lighter ones.

Women: Show off your hips

Don't hide your hips ladies!

Flaunt them

You want to wear pants that show off your figure.

And walk with a little sway in your step.

Men will be turning their heads when you walk by.

According to a study, women's attractiveness goes up by 50 percent when they show off and strut their hips.

As Shakira would always say: hips don't lie.

Women: Throw on some heels

Heels not only make you feel sexier the second you put them on.

But men always find them extremely sexy.

It was proven that men like heels because they make women appear more feminine.

Especially when they walk.

So when you're heading out for the night and you're deciding what shoes to wear throw on some heels.

It's a quick trick to make yourself look more attractive to men.

Women: Wear bright colors

According to fashion designers and the author of the book The Science of Style wearing bright colors is a must.

Wearing bright colors brings attention to you.

And once you have all the men in the rooms attention they'll notice all those smaller details that make you beautiful.

Make sure when you are picking bright colors you know which ones look best on you and your skin tone.

Blondes tend to look really good in yellow.

Hot pink is a great color for brunettes.

Women: Don't wear clothes that are too big

Even though fashion trends seem to be changing day to day and you never know what cut is in style.

It's never a good idea to wear clothes that are too big for you.

Wearing clothing styles that are bigger but still, your size is okay.

But you don't want to buy clothes that are 2-3 sizes too big.

While some bigger clothes may look good.

Wearing bigger clothes can make you appear to be stubby or without shape.

And as said earlier showing off your hips makes you look more attractive.

So wearing clothes that don't only fit your hips, but waist and chest too, is essential to look attractive to men.

Fitting clothes is the way to go.

Women: Wear the right makeup

Whether you wear no makeup or you contour your whole face wearing the right makeup is so important in looking attractive to men.

Everybody looks different with different amounts, colors, or styles of makeup.

And learning what looks good on you will help you look your best.

So, when you're deciding on what products to use, get to know your face in all its pre-makeup-glory.

Just like bright color clothes, certain colors of blush or eyeshadow look better on certain people.

Charcoal eyeshadow looks amazing with green eyes, whereas gold looks amazing with blue eyes.

Know your colors when doing your make up.

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