Wanna Get Laid? Great Tips for Guys

By FuckPal

Be Adventurous

Girls love a little adventure in their lives. If you can show that you will bring adventure into her life by taking her on a wild date she will think you'll be adventurous in bed too and she'll be dying to find out.

I Shall Be Adventurous

Don't Be Desperate

Don't be desperate for sex (or anything for that matter). Even if it's been months since your last fuck, don't let her know that. No one likes a desperate person, and women can smell it a mile away.

I Won't be Desperate

Don't Put Her on a Pedestal

We all love sex, but don't make it seem like it's the only thing you do. Show her you have other interests and hobbies. She needs to see you as a man with a mission, not just a fuck boy.

I Will Not be a Fuckboy

Listen More Than You Talk

Girls love to talk. So buckle down and get ready to listen. Nothing is sexier than a man who listens, she'll notice you're paying attention to her and that you care. Next stop pound town.

Listen More

Good Posture

This is really important if you want to seem more fuckable. Having good posture makes you seem more confident and will help you be as tall as you can be. Girls love a confident tall man. So keep those shoulders back and head up, you'll be getting laid in no time.

I Will Not Slouch


Girls can't get enough of a good smelling guy. But make sure to not over do it, you don't want it to seem like you went swimming in cologne because you haven't showered in a few days.

Aqua De Smash


Go to the gym and stay fit. Being fit and having muscles make any guy more fuckable 100% of the time. As soon as you start to get some arm definition you'll notice all the girls noticing you.

Okay, Got it

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