About FuckPal

Janelle Moi
Janelle Moi
creator of FuckPal

On most dating apps, everyone is looking for the same thing: to hookup. Sure, they might be called dating apps, but we all know that the likes of Tinder and Bumble are just hookup apps masquerading as wholesome dating apps to stay in the app store.

But I'm not worried about the app store. My only concern is getting my users laid. I'm Janelle Moi, and I'm the creator of FuckPal!

When you're using mainstream casual dating apps, certain social niceties are expected of you, but they just aren't practical when you're trying to hookup and hookup fast. Sure, you can open with "let's fuck" on a dating app, but the odds are that's just going to lead to that person unmatching with you.

But what if that's what you want? What if you want to skip the small talk and skip to the good bit? (And by "good bit" I mean casual sex, duh!)

My experience with dating apps is probably pretty similar to a lot of guys who've been using it to hook up: rejection and disgust at my straightforward approach. The only difference is that I'm a woman. While girls usually will silently unmatch with guys that are just looking for sex, I get called a slut all the time for the same behavior!

And do you know what's worse than that? Being thought of as a fake or a bot! That's right! Guys are so surprised by a woman asking for casual sex on dating apps that they think they're bots. But, spoiler alert, women want casual sex too!

I don't know if you noticed, but people are getting married much, much later in life. Us young people are way too busy with our careers for conventional dating. And honestly, it's more fun this way! Why would I let feelings get in the way of me reaching professional goals (and orgasm)? Why would I want to go through the customary small talk before I can cut to the chase?

Mainstream dating apps started to become a waste of time. I just wanted to hookup!

So that's when it came to me: I should create my own casual site for people who just want to find a fuckbuddy. In my eyes, friends-with-benefits are the ideal relationship in the first place! All fun, no feelings, and no expectations beyond good sex.

Between Khan Academy and Youtube, you can learn practically anything online, so I took to the internet to figure out how to make my own casual hookup site. And not too long after, FuckPal was born!

FuckPal is the perfect site for you if you're looking for a casual dating experience without all the bullshit pseudo-dating sites throw at you. FuckPal is also location-based, so our algorithm will be showing you the closest (and horniest) people to you! Gone are the days with matching with the perfect fuckbuddy only to find out they live a thousand miles away.

On FuckPal, you don't have to worry about being called a slut or a pig for asking to hookup! After all, that's what this entire site is for in the first place.