How to Optimize Your Dating Profile to Get More Lays

People assume you're going to fudge, but don't go overboard

There's a lot of gray area with regard to how much embellishment is acceptable on dating profiles. And it's true that most people will put their best foot forward.

If you're 5'11" and you want to say you're 6 feet, or if you want to use a photo from when you were more of a gym rat and less of a couch potato, you're probably all right as long as the difference isn't super noticeable.

But consider this: if your real-life stats are different enough that a girl walks away as soon as she sees you face-to-face, you've wasted your time and hers.

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Wear bolder colors

According to Dr. Jessica Carbino, the resident sociologist for Tinder, 72% of Tinder users wear muted colors in their profile pictures.

"That's counterintuitive," she says, "if you want to stand out."

Your over-the-top 70s bowling shirt is probably too far in the other direction, but don't be afraid to wear a bright color in your profile pictures.

It'll separate you from the hordes of guys in brown and black.

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The smolder works for Flynn Rider, but you aren't him.

Smiling makes you seem more approachable and less intimidating.

When you consider that most women looking for hookups need to be selective for their own safety, you want to come across as a friendly, nice guy who will give them a fun night without them ending up on an episode of Dateline.

So don't glare at the camera like you're taking a mug shot.

If it's hard for you to give a realistic-looking smile, try laughing gently as you take the photo.

Or, recruit a friend (or set up a timer and stand) to take a photo shoot. It's harder to hold up a phony smile over the length of a couple of minutes, and your photos will eventually start looking more natural.

Find decent lighting

Photos where women can't see your face are an instant left-swipe.

Use natural light, if at all possible. Go outside, or draw your curtains or blinds to let sunlight into your house.

If you must use artificial light, play around with multiple sources. Maybe your overhead bedroom light doesn't give you the best results, but angling your desk lamp can improve the situation.

Along the same lines, now that you've gotten enough light on your face, don't block your face with accessories like hats or sunglasses.

If you have long hair (or even just a lot of it), make sure it's pulled off your face, as well as making sure your facial hair is clean and well-maintained.

Your face is your moneymaker; don't shoot yourself in the foot by hiding it.

Have a bio

Another automatic turn-off on dating sites? People whose profile is only pictures.

Are you a porn bot? Are you illiterate? Whatever the case, women want men who are actually able to say something.

And while we're at it, if your profile is under 10 words, that barely counts as a profile.

Would you apply to a job with a resume that just said "I'm chill, hmu if you want to know more"?

The bio is your chance to sell yourself as a catch. Don't throw it away.

Be specific and unique

So, based on the last tip, you're trying to come up with things to say. Does your draft look like this?

"I'm a pretty laidback guy. I like music, the outdoors, video games, and hanging out with my friends."

Congratulations, you've just written a bio that can apply to literally ever dude on Tinder.

What are the things that you bring to the table that no one else does?

Sharing some information about your hobbies, interests, and goals shows off your human side (remember: the goal is to assure women that they're not about to hook up with a serial killer).

Don't go too heavy on self-deprecation

As you're talking about yourself, a little bit of humor at your own expense can work in your advantage. It shows you're down-to-earth and not afraid to laugh at yourself.

But too much insulting yourself goes past seeming humble and starts coming across as if you don't believe in your own worth.

If you don't think you're worth the time of day, why should a woman?

Intoxicants are not a personality trait

It's a cool move to share with your potential partners whether you drink or smoke (or anything stronger).

Drugs can be a dealbreaker for some people, and it saves you time to weed (no pun intended) out anyone who's not interested in what you're offering.

But if your profile centers around telling potential partners that you spend your free time getting drunk or high, you're sending the wrong message.

You're telling them that your life is so boring, even you can't stand to live in it without mind-altering substances.

Throw out a casual reference to being "4/20 friendly" or suggest going out for a beer, and leave it at that.

Ask a question

One of the best ways to make sure that your bio seals the deal is to ask a question at the end.

Whenever someone makes it to the end of your bio without calling it quits, they have to make a decision about whether they want to pursue you or move on to the next one.

Asking them a question gives them the feeling that they're already in a conversation. Basically, it makes the decision for them.

Plus, it opens up the conversation with something more interesting than "Hey".

Ask a friend for a second opinion

Your friends are your go-tos for everything, so why not feedback on your dating profiles?

They can offer an outside perspective and make sure that you're coming across as your authentic self.

Make sure you listen carefully to their advice: you don't have to follow all of it, but take all of it under serious consideration.

You trust this person's judgment, otherwise they wouldn't be your friend.

And they genuinely want you to succeed, so help them help you.

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