5 Best Places to Hookup in a Crunch [2019 List]

If you've never had sex outside of your bedroom, then I feel sorry for you. Having sex literally anywhere else can make it that much better, and if you're in public, it can make it more thrilling. Exploring with different locations to have sex in can make your sex life more exciting and give you and your partner new ideas when it comes to sex, because sometimes you need to make adjustments in some of these locations.

Here are five unexpectedly sexy places to have sex with your fuck buddy or S.O..

Your Car

Maybe it's not so unexpected, but car sex can be really hot (and sweaty) if you do it right.

While car sex is more ideal for people on the shorter side, you can still make it work if you're a bit taller. Since you're in such a confined space, this forces you to get closer to your partner than ever, and it'll feel like it, too. This is also great if you meet someone at a bar or off a sex app and can't wait to get home to get it on.

Just beware if your partner gets really hot, really fast, and sweats a lot. If you're parked in a secure place, you might want to crack a window or else you could end up with their sweat dripping down their face onto your body, but in my opinion, that's kind of hot.

In terms of closeness, your bodies will be pushed together, and you can even reach deeper in some positions than normal. Missionary is at its best, for example, in the car. Your legs will be high up on your partner's shoulders, and because they're so close to you, it'll feel really good.

All the sweat, steam, and breathlessness associated with car sex makes it one of the top sexiest places to bang one out.

Your Backyard

Outdoor sex is amazing; there's nothing like being connected to your surroundings while also being connected, physically and maybe mentally, to someone else. But having outdoor sex isn't always easy, especially in public places, so not a lot of people do it.

If you've ever wanted to try outdoor sex but didn't want to risk getting caught by anybody, what better place to do than in your own backyard?

Especially if you have grass, your backyard can be one of the best places to have sex. Feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin creates an unmatched euphoric feeling, and only intensifies your orgasm. It's also nice to be outside because the fresh air will keep you two from getting overheated (unlike car sex) and keep you both comfortable. But if you have neighbors, of course, make sure they're not home or that your fence is tall enough so that they won't see you.

So if you've ever wanted to see what your lover looks like naked with the sun glistening on their skin, there's no better place to experience it than in your backyard.

The Bathroom

It's like bathrooms were designed so that you could have sex in them.

Seriously, the sink countertop makes for an awesome place to have sex, with the girl sitting on the edge and the guy standing. Being in this position also forms intimacy, and allows for deeper penetration.

You could also have sex on the floor if you wanted to, just make sure to lay down a towel or blanket or something if you don't want to touch the cold, hard floor. But along with that, you can also have shower sex!

Shower sex is great because both of your bodies will be dripping wet and soapy, and we all know how sexy soapy tits are. It's also good for having sex standing up, and you can actually hit it from the back in the shower.

Oh, that reminds me! How could I forget about bending someone over the sink counter? That shit feels amazing.

As you can see, there's lots you can do in the bathroom, and maybe you'll even discover something I left out.

The Laundry Room

The laundry room, while typically a small space, can still make for some hot sex. If both your heights permit it, you can sit your girl on top of either the washer or dryer and fuck the shit out of them.

Girls can also sit on the edge of the washer/dryer and dangle their legs open so their partner can give them some amazing head while they just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

For an extra kick, turn on the washer or dryer.

Di you know that you have a sex toy sitting in your own home that you didn't even have to purchase?

By playing with the setting on both the washer and dryer, you can make some sensational vibrations happen. Experiment with cold or hot washes and sit on top of the washer, or turn on the fastest speed on your dryer for crazy vibration.

Pro tip: use the cotton cycle for the longest and fastest spin cycle to get the most vibration out of your washer.

Fitting Room

Watching someone get dressed or undressed is easily one of the quickest turn-ons. You get to see their body fit snugly into their clothes, or watch them peel them off and reveal their bare skin.

That's why fitting rooms make this list as one of the top five sexiest places to hook up.

Even if you don't plan on trying on any clothes, just go in there to experiment. My favorite thing about fucking in fitting rooms are the mirrors. You can find them in every room, and watching yourself fuck can be a huge turn-on. There's also usually a seat of some sort in fitting rooms that you can sit on, but if not, you can still fuck standing up.

Next time you go shopping with your lover, make a quick stop in the fitting room with them and see what I'm talking about.

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