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A growing trend among millennials within the past few years is hookup culture, which is often associated with dating apps. Young people aren't looking to be tied down or seem to be as interested in marriage as older generations were; instead, they just want to have fun and "see where things go."

Most of the time, that just means people want to hook up and have no-strings-attached fun, which is perfectly fine. Dating apps made it easier for people to find each other, and naturally, everyone's horny-ness followed. It's more common to find people looking for casual relationships rather than serious dating on dating apps these days; but still, if you're just looking to hook up with as many girls as you can, your best bet would be to download a hookup app, and not a dating app.

An app like PURE.

PURE is the premier hookup app for millennials - at least in concept. How the app works is that you submit a "request" that other people near you can see, but the catch is that you only have an hour to match with and talk to people to set up a meeting. Within this hour of your request, you can browse other people, match, chat, and arrange somewhere to meet up or exchange numbers, Snapchats, whatever. Once that hour is up, your messages, matches, and request will all be deleted from the app.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, if this app intrigues you and you'd like to know more, keep on reading.

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First Impression

That "cool" factor I keep mentioning comes from PURE's design; even the logo looks cool. PURE keeps it sleek with a black and white color scheme, and when you search it on the App Store, their preview features comics explaining their app.

Like most apps, PURE is easy to navigate because of its buttons, and getting started is the same because all you need to do is press the "I'm Down" button to begin. PURE focuses on anonymous hook up dating, so all you need to sign-in is an e-mail address; not your phone number or Facebook account like other dating apps require. Then, you'll have to type in the log-in code sent to your e-mail to continue.

After that, PURE will take you through the basic sign-up steps including stating your gender, who you're looking for (men or women, but not both?), and then it bring you to the "Party is About to Begin" screen where you can create a request. Here, you can add a photo of yourself and post your request for a man or woman. You don't even need to add your name, or even use a photo of yourself, for that matter.


There are only three screens on PURE that you need to worry about, which keeps things simple. There is the search results screen, where you can scroll through women online at and who've submitted a request, and either 'like' them in hopes of getting a like back and matching. The next screen you can toggle to is your chats area where they will appear as you get matches. Following that is the countdown screen where it tells you how much time you have left until your request expires, change who you're looking for, or delete your request.

Similarly, there are not many features on this app in regards to messaging or matching, which is good because you don't really need to purchase any more.

Membership Pricing

With that being said, there is a way to "upgrade" your membership and receive a few more benefits to the regular version of PURE. With a purchase of a weekly, monthly, or annual subscription, you can chat with no limitations.

Prices for membership vary by country, and I couldn't seem to find the price for a membership within the app. After doing some digging, I found out that memberships are around $20 a month, but there is a free trial offered. Additionally, you can purchase the instant chat feature to message anyone you want without having to wait for a like back at $3.99, and you only pay as needed.


The first reason you'd want to use PURE is if you're super horny and looking to meet up with someone fast. It's the only hookup app that encourages a sense of urgency since they have a time limit of one hour to match with someone and make arrangements. That means people actually talk on this app and get right to business, so they waste no time. PURE is solely for the risk-takers.

There are no tricks to this - what you see is what you get. I like that it's very simple to use and promotes everything its meant for, which is quick and anonymous sex. You won't have to figure out much when using the app since everything is pretty straight-forward.

It's also one of the best apps, hookup or dating, I've seen in regards to privacy. You don't need to enter any information or share it unless you want to, about yourself except for a photo. Even if you don't use a photo that includes your face, or even of yourself for that matter (like a meme), you'll still get people interested in you.

Which brings me to another point - you can actually see who's liked you for free, unlike other apps.


Anonymity on the app, while good for keeping your information private, can be bad for figuring out who the person you're talking to is. There's not much to go off of besides the picture they choose to upload, but you can also ask to see more once you match and chat with them, and what you talk about. It's always a good idea to ask them for their number or Snapchat so you can continue talking outside the app, and get a little more than an hour to decide if you want to go for it and hook up with them.

Another con to PURE is their limited gender options; this app isn't necessarily queer friendly as you can only choose if you're looking for a man or woman, and not both.

But the biggest downside I found to this app is that while the concept is great, there isn't as large of a userbase on PURE as there would be on something like Tinder. You only get to see people who are online at the same time as you, and on top of that, there seems to be no one near you. The closes person to me was aboutu 40-50 miles away, sometimes even further depending when you log on. PURE seems only to be a "quick" hookup option if you live in a major city.


All in all, PURE's concept and design are one of the best I've seen in hookup apps. They're still a fairly new idea, and most people are too afraid to sign up for them and take charge of their sex life, so the results can be hit or miss. If more people were to use an app like PURE instead of Tinder to find hookups, it'd probably be a better experience to use.

But you can't necessarily blame that on PURE; people just have to have no shame in their game and go for what they want. I give PURE a 3.5/5

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