Can You Keep a Side Chick? Find Out

By FuckPal

Digital security

Does your main chick know your phone and computer passwords?

Nope She knows

Alone time

How much of your free time do you typically spend alone?

We're attached at the hip I have plenty of me-time


How good are you at keeping secrets?

I can't be trusted I'm basically CIA

Living arrangements

Do you live with your SO

Nope, I've got a bachelor pad Yeah, my place is a no-go


Have you ever cheated before?

Never I have


How committed are you to your main chick?

They are wifey Wouldn't miss her

Paper trails

What's your preferred payment method when you're out?

Cash Card


Would you be able to have awesome sex without telling anyone about it?

I would spill to someone My lips are airtight


We're not saying you should, but you can probably pull off an side chick, if you're careful. Want to view single girls in your area?

Yes, I want a Side Chick