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Upon first glance, is just another friendly dating site where singles can find love in a matter of minutes.

We all know that sites like this are often too good to be true, so I've come up with a plan that'll answer our questions once and for all.

That plan, ladies and gentlemen, is to simply sign up and try it out for myself. And boy, do I have one hell of a review for you all today.

Let's stop wasting time so we can finally find out if BeNaughty is worth your time, and maybe even your money.

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First Impressions

BeNaughty brands itself as a "dating site" where singles can browse profiles, find matches and chat online.

A lot of their "user reviews" tell the tale of a hopeless single who quickly found love by signing up for BeNaughty. And I know what you're thinking.

"How the hell are all these young singles finding love here when it's supposed to be a 'meet-and-fuck' site?"

The short answer; they aren't.

It seems like whoever built this site started to brand it as a dating site but soon realized how burnt that market was. So in an effort to increase sales, they decided to rebrand themselves as a stranger 'meet-and-fuck' site instead, without changing any of the site's mechanics

However, somewhere along the way, it seems they forgot to change the site's homepage to match their aggressive new business strategy. I mean, I could be wrong, but I'm usually not.

Now, however, the site seems to be built for casual hookups, threeways, and even swinger meetups. So now that we know more about this site's real objective let's sign up.

Their sign up process is pretty quick and easy - suspiciously so.

I was a little skeptical about using my real email, so I created a throw-away email just in case. I'd recommend that you do the same if you're considering signing up as well.

That's because just moments after signing up, I received a verification email along with about five more emails notifying me that I had "Have a match in the area!"

That's right, folks. sends you a personal email every single time someone takes an interest in your profile - which I thought was weird considering I had signed up for the site just moments before receiving those emails.

And I'm sorry, but if there were really that many hot single girls in my area, I'd be getting my dick sucked and writing this review at the same time.

Sadly, this isn't looking good for BeNaughty.

It's not over yet though, because now I'm going to check out all of the features available with a membership.

Let's hope this turns around, becasue my bank account will never forgive me if it doesn't.


Promote My Account - This feature allows you to skip the line by putting your profile within arms reach of every female in the area.

I could see how this is a very sought-after feature for new members, but boosting your profile is only going to work for so long before girls start to realize how many times they've seen your profile.

That is if there really are any girls. I mean, I've already received over five match requests on the site, and I haven't even uploaded a profile picture!

Full Safe Mode - This feature makes sure that only verified members are allowed to send you messages.

I don't even know where to start with this one. First of all, I don't even know what a "verified member" is. Is it someone who has also signed up for a paid membership? Or is it every profile that wasn't created by the developers?

The site doesn't actually let you send any messages until you've signed up, so I don't know what "unverified accounts" would be messaging me.

Basic Safe Mode - This feature blocks messages from users that have been flagged for suspicious behavior.

Man, I don't even want to know what BeNaughty considers "suspicious behavior." I feel like I should be "flagged for suspicious behavior" just for signing up for this site.

Jokes aside, this feature does absolutely nothing. I turned it on to see what would happen, and the next day, my email was full of strange messages from BeNaughty accounts I had never seen before.

The bottom line is - if you want access to special features, you're going to have to look somewhere else.

Most hookup sites have a feature that lets you filter your match list by age, gender, sexual preference, or something else that stands out. Not BeNaughty, though.

It honestly seems like someone tried to create a dating site by using a scam site has a template. Most of the profile pictures I've seen look like they were taken straight off of some poor girl's Facebook page.

If you don't have any experience with dating/hookup sites, I could see how this site would look appealing - which is probably exactly what the creators of this site were thinking about when they designed it.

Unfortunately, this site isn't shinning quite like I thought it would, but hey - that's what we do here. We get to the bottom of things. Good and bad, alike.

Now let's look at the membership pricing and other optional details.

I'm already shuttering.

Pricing and Membership Details

1 Month - $27.30

This price isn't too high for your average meet-and-fuck site, but this is we're talking about here. You aren't going to get many of the features other sites would consider "essential."

Just warning you in advance - A lot of the people who used this site claimed they had signed up for the one month option, but ended up paying for a full year of the service.

It wasn't until they looked at their bank accounts that they had to call and fix the problem.

It's not looking great for you, BeNaughty.

3 Months - $45.90

Paying for a three-month membership is not recommended until you've gone a full month with their more basic membership option, but if you're feeling lucky, then fuck it.

I have to note that the site doesn't actually have these prices on display. Instead of clearly displaying "$45.90 per month" on their site, it just says, "$0.51 a day!"

So if you're a gullible 9-year-old or an illiterate adult, be careful. The marketing team over at BeNaughty has their sights set on you for sure.

6 Months - $73.80

Paying $0.41 a day for a potential threesome doesn't sound too bad, but finding out that you've maxed-out another credit card does.

See, while this site might mimic the pricing options for other, more popular sites - it's content is lacking too much for the final sale to be worth it.

I also wanted to note that these prices you see on their website aren't going to match up with the amount you're paying them.

Thanks to a few hidden membership fees, this site has the ability to drain you of every last penny you own.

So before committing to this site, or any similar site, you should check the fine print to see how much these "hidden fees" are going to hurt you.

In some cases it can be over $80 a month, so be careful.


With a membership, you will have the ability to mass-message multiple members every 12 hours on the dot.

This sounds pretty helpful, as you never know whos going to be offline when you get off work or school. So if you can automatically send messages out at the peak of your day, you might attract some extra cuties.

Another surprisingly great feature you get with BeNaughty is their fully-functional app. It's available on for iOS and Andriod, alike.

The app works pretty well, and it makes chatting with girls a hell of a lot easier than whipping out your laptop.

Their homepage claims that BeNaughty attracts over 40,000 new members every week. If that's true, then BeNaughty is one of the fastest-growing hookup sites on the internet.

And who wouldn't want to be a part of that, right?

Okay, that's enough praise for now. Let's get into the real meat and potatoes of this review - the cons.


BeNaughty does a bad job of doing what it was created to do - plain and simple.

Before, when I said that the site looked half-assed, I meant it. It looks like someone took an actual template from a scam site, and just plugged in their new price options before sending it out for publishing.

The on-screen ads that appear at the side of your homepage look strikingly similar to their membership features.

And although that can be pretty off-putting, it begs the question: why the hell am I receiving ads on a web service that I've already paid for?

The answer; because fuck the customer. That's why.

After spending less than an hour on BeNaughty, it's painfully obvious that it was designed to confuse, misdirect, and take advantage of its customers.

At no point, when I was browsing profiles, did I ever think that the girls on the site were real. I've spent entire workdays browsing sites just like this one, and I know a fake when I see one.

Receiving notifications on this site can be annoying too, as the totally real profiles that are flooding this website are constantly bombarding you with messages - all of which, appear right there on your screen.

You'll have a hard time collecting your thoughts when over five notifications a minute are appearing on your dashboard and in your face.

And while most sites include a matching algorithm that helps users find the right matches for them, BeNaughty does not.

Honestly, that's probably a good thing because if there were any real girls on this site, the moderators would be sure you never caught wind of them anyway.


Wow, what a journey we all just went on. We got to check out BeNaughty first-hand, and it was troubling, to say the least.

With so many different users, messages, and scam ads berating your homepage every second, it's hard to tell if you've even found a match.

Other than confusing the shit out of me, BeNaughty was able to find a total of 0 matches for me after a week of use. Call me old fashion, but that seems like a scam for sure.

It really just seems like the guys making all of those "meet-and-fuck" sites got together and tried their hand at making a dating site. And after putting a total of 2 hours into the design, they decided it was good to go.

Do yourselves a favor and avoid this site at all costs. No ammount of imaginary pussy is worth having your checking account robbed once a month.

All things considered, I'm giving a well-deserved 1/5 stars.

You'd have a better chance of finding young pussy in an on-fire nursing home than you would on this website.

Now have fun! And be safe out there folks!

Jessie is online and wants to fuck.