Got Instagram Game? Take the Quiz

By FuckPal

Post frequency

How often do you post?

Occasionally Every day

Best foot forward

If you're trying to impress someone, you:

Like all her posts Comment on one post


Do you usually comment on stories?

Not usually Every time


Have you downloaded any apps to help your Insta game?

Wait, that's a thing? Yes, My Posts are on Fleek

Comment game

Which comment are you more likely to leave on a post of a cute girl at the beach?

Looking good in that bikini Look at the those waves!

Your followers

Look at your most devoted follower. How popular are they?'s my mom. I'm kind of a big deal

Celebs or real people

Do you follow more Insta celebs or IRL friends?

Celebs Only people i know


How confident are you sliding into a woman's DMs?

I don't usually DM I'm basically Yo Gotti


You're an Insta-stud! Want to meet Instagram girls who are DTF?

Let's go!