Fuck Fails? Sex Mistakes Guys Make

By FuckPal

Dick Pic. At the Wrong Time

Sending nude photos can be a fun and flirtatious way to build sexual tension, but it needs to be done at the right time - not when grandma is over for thanksgiving dinner. Unsolicited dick pics sometimes backfire and turn women away if your timing is off.

More Dick Pic Tips

Not Taking Care of Yourself

You want a woman who's not too clingy, who will give you head and fuck doggy style, with blonde hair and perfect makeup. But what are you bringing to the table? You don't have to be Brad Pitt, but make an effort to make yourself as attractive as possible.

Upgrade your Style

Not Switching it Up in Bed

You know what they say: if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten. Try new things and experiment, to make sure you're not boring your lover.

Tricks to Spice it Up

Not Eating Her Out

Men who refuse to perform cunnilingus are cowards, full stop. Not only is it an incredible experience for her, it shows her that you are committed to making sure she has the greatest time imaginable. Trust us on this one: if you won't eat her out like the queen she is, she will find someone who will.

Eating Pussy Tips

Not Manscaping

Let's face it, your fuck buddy will do a lot to give you a good time. Shaving, waxing, working out, makeup, hair, outfit--she spends a lot of time to look good for you. Show her you appreciate it by keeping body hair to a minimum. A little bit of manscaping goes a long way...

Manscaping Tips

Not Calibrating

Ask her about what she wants or likes, and be sure you're open to the feedback she gives you. If you think your game is flawless but she tells you it's doing nothing for her, then you need to change your strategy, pronto.

Communication Tips

Being a 2 Pump Chump

Fun fact: most women talk about their sex lives with their close friends. Do you want to be known to her whole squad as "the guy who couldn't get her off"? Yeah, didn't think so. So don't leave her to finish herself off in the bathroom.

How to Make Her Cum

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