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I've been curious about WellHello.com for a while now, so I thought I'd go ahead and review it for anyone else who has their mind in the gutter, like me.

In this review, we will be covering the hows, whats, and whys that come along with a casual sex site like this one, as well as diving into some of their specialized features along the way.

I've been hearing some mixed reviews about WellHello, so I thought I'd review it for myself and finally find out if it's legit.

And, God - I'm really hoping it is. Let's take a look.

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First Impressions

The very first thing I notice about this site when I log on is the design. It seems like someone you'd see in an early 2000's ad for an online chat room or something.

Other than the cheesy Facebook photos that are plastered all over this site, the design is quite nice. When you hover your mouse over each photo, it tells you exactly how old they are and where they are in the world.

There's also a collection of customer testimonials at the bottom of this page that seems pretty intriguing to me. It's mostly just people talking about how much fun they have on the site, but some of them are a little extreme.

Signing up was easy enough. All I had to do was enter my name and email address before I could create my own password. Next, I just needed to fill out a quick questionnaire about my sexual preferences.

This is going to help you find your ideal women while greatly speeding up your matching process. Nothing is worse than signing up for a meet and fuck site, and spending your first two hours scrolling through women you'd never talk to in a million years - so thank you, WellHello.

This sign-up process lets you register as either a couple or a single looking to mingle. I don't know if I'll be trying to find a couple or not, but you never know when the mood for group-activities will strike.

At the bottom of the homepage, a helpful message tells you which platforms the site is available on. Right now, WellHello is available on computers, laptops, and smartphones - what more could you want? Nintendo Switch? C'mon.

Now that we've signed up, it's time to start digging into our new "membership" features.

Let's explore the little quirks that make this site so appealing, shall we?


Creating a profile is nothing special. There aren't many gimmicks to get you excited for what's to come, but sometimes you don't need any.

WellHello gives you just enough power over your profile to make matching a snap. So you won't be spending tons of time looking through people's bios, which is nice.

I always hated sites that require an unnecessary amount of personal information to get you started - so I'm glad WellHello skipped all that nonsense.

Browsing profiles is even easier than I thought it'd be. With the "filter" feature, anybody can narrow-down their matches by age, sexual preference, location, and physical statistics.

The physical statistics filter might make you feel like a scumbag, but everyone lies on that part anyway, so I don't think it matters. All you really need to worry about is their distance from you, age, and sexual preferences.

Because if you're really seeking a good time with these people, you have to accept them as they are. That being said - these couples and singles are all pretty damn hot.

I'd give an average ranking of 7.5-8 for each member on the site. It's not perfect, but if they were any hotter, I'd assume they were fake.

With WellHello, you can send "flirts" to anybody who catches your eye. Sending a "flirt" to someone lets them know that you're interested in them, but be careful how you spend them.

Because even with a full membership, you'll need to pay for more of these before you can keep "flirting" with your new friends.

There's also a "Top Cities" feature that lets you look at some of the biggest cities near you - in case you want to make a trip into town for some late night activities with your favorite couple/single.

And of course, WellHello gives you a messaging tool that connects you with people you might be interested in. Which is nice because sometimes all it takes is a well-written message to secure a spot in some cute girl's bed.

Those features seem pretty bare-bones to me, but maybe this site can still earn some extra points with their pricing options.

Let's take a look.

Pricing and Membership Details

There are plenty of membership options to choose from, including a $1 24-hour membership for people who just want a taste before they commit with a real membership.

Although, people who sign-up for the one-day trial are usually sucked in before they can even start chatting. Be careful though, as paying for a one-day membership will require you to enter your payment info.

The same payment info that they'll use to sign you up for a month-long membership. Just letting you know.

Anyways, if you enjoy your one-day experience enough, you can buy a full month-long membership for just $24.99.

In my opinion, the one-month option isn't the move to make. If you're serious about hooking up with freaky single and couples, you're going to want a year-long membership.

It only costs $9.99 a month, so you know you'll be getting the most bang for your buck. Also, I don't think this site has enough features to justify a $24.99-per-month cost. $9.99 makes a lot more sense.

Of course, spending $9.99 a month on a service you don't enjoy is never ideal, so try the month-long option first. If you fall in love with the service after that, you should be comfortable committing to a full year.


Filter Feature

The search bar is going to be your best friend on this site since it comes equipped with their surprisingly useful filter feature.

Scrolling for hours looking for the perfect cutie is fun and all, but it can get old after a few passes through the homepage.

Mobile Matching

WellHello knows how hard finding the time to browse can be, which is why their mobile platform is so useful. I'm all for a standard site - but in 2019, a killer mobile platform is key to any successful meet and fuck experience.

And honestly, the mobile platform might work even better than the standard one. Only because navigation is so easy that you can browse couples that are ready to fuck with just one hand - if you know what I mean.

Quality Profiles

Boring profiles on a site like this can be a huge red flag. Luckily, WellHello has some of the most detailed profiles I've seen in a long time. Every one of them has an extensive list of bedroom likes/dislikes and much more.

You'll know almost everything about these girls before you even message them - which is nice because getting to know your fuck-pal can get boring after a few sexual encounters.


Quantity of Users

While the lack of members isn't really something to worry about, it can get a little frustrating when you've spent a week looking at the same 500 people over and over again.

Just know that these sites often have a hard time gaining users due to their subject matter, but over time I think it'll build up nicely.

Cost for "Flirts"

This whole "flirt" mechanic can get pretty annoying after a while since these things can dig you into a financial hole if you're not careful.

In my opinion, they should make flirts virtually unlimited by giving you about 100 at the start of the week, and then refill you when the next week starts.

Other than those two minor problems, WellHello is looking pretty good right now.


WellHello connects you with hundreds of like-minded singles and couples at the touch of a button, and they do it well.

And while it doesn't offer you too many features, the features it does offer work beautifully. The filter function is especially helpful when you're browsing around looking for the perfect girl to meet up with.

The price is nothing to write home about. It's a little expensive for how little features you get, but as long as they work well - I don't have a problem.

The userbase isn't as active as I'd like it to be, and the incoming members have slowed down quite a bit since it's release.

I think this site does a wonderful job with their primary function, but I can't help but think about the potential greatness it could reach if given some extra cool features.

Now that I've been using the site for a while, I think a final rating is in order.

WellHello is a great site that connects users with kinky people all over the US, and its simplicity is unmatched - but sometimes, that's not a good thing. And for that - I'm giving WellHello 3/5 stars.

It's a great site that has great potential - but for now, it's just OK. Not bad, but not great.

I can say, however, that I had a great time with WellHello, and if I didn't already have so many accounts on so many different meet and fuck sites, I'd be using it every day.

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