Want a FWB ? 15 Solid Tricks

By FuckPal

Define FWB

It's easy to be on the same page as someone, but maybe you guys are on different paragraphs. Always define what a friend with benefits means to you before someone gets hurt!

Communicate in Bed

You're friends with BENEFITS!! Make sure you are speaking up about what you want in bed so you can enjoy all the benefits you're entitled to.

Be a Friend

Even if both of you want sex out of this relationship you still have to be kind to eachother. Don't flake on them like you wouldn't on one of your close friends.

No Flowers Please

A friend with benefits means exactly what the name states. You are friends who sleep together. So be careful that you don't start doing things that would only be expected in a committed relationship.

Keep Jealousy in Check

If you get jealous every time they can't hang out or you find yourself getting mad when they see other people, you should decide whether or not being friends with benefits with this person is really what you want.

Do Communicate

If you do find that you are getting jealous and you like this person more than a friend, don't hide these feelings. As soon as you start to grow feelings for this person tell them so that you can figure out the best thing to do.

Establish FWB Rules Upfront

One person might not be comfortable with people knowing you are sleeping together and might want to keep this between just you two. It's important to know the rules of your specific FWB relationship before starting the relationship.

Keep Expectations Low

You should never by any means go into a FWB situation thinking that you will end up in a relationship with this person. A lot of people, and I mean a lot, get into a FWB relationship thinking they can charm the other person to like them so much that they will want to date you. This is a sure way to get your feelings hurt.

Don't Ghost Them

Keep the communication open between you two flowing. If someone seems a little off, check in with them, to make sure they are okay.

Respect Eachother

No matter what happens between you and your friend with benefits, you both need to maintain respect for one another. You also need to respect their space if they don't want to come over one night.

Use Protection

Maybe you and your friends with benefits have discussed that you both are seeing each other exclusively but a lot of times that conversation won't happen until down the road. No matter how many times you and this person have slept together, always use protection.

Focus on Friendship

If you both were good friends before you slept together, you should still nuture the original frienship that brought you together.

Be Choosy

When trying to find a friend with benefits, make sure you don't go for someone who you know has feelings for you already, and also obviously don't try to become FWBs with someone you have feelings for. Try to find someone who is just open for sex.

Side Chicks on Silent

If you are fucking other girls on the side, that's okay. Just don't go asking for relationship advice from your FWB, it's just rude.

Don't Lose Yourself

If you aren't in the mood to hook up one night, then you don't have to. Being FWB is for both your benefits so if you're not down you shouldn't be forced into a hook up just because they want to.

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