Will She Cheat? Take the Quiz Now

By FuckPal


Has she recently changed the password on her phone or computer?

Not as far as I know Yeah, what is she hiding?

New man

Has she started talking about a new male friend at work, or a cousin you've never heard about who just moved nearby?

Nothing out of the ordinary Yes, hearing a lot about Dave

Free time

Is she suddenly busier than usual, with no explanation of why?

No, we've always made time Now that you mention it...


Does she have friends that you're not allowed to meet or spend much time with?

No, I know her friends I don't know her friends


Has she become more jealous or suspicious that you might be cheating?

No, she trusts me She's been paranoid lately

Dressing up

Has she been wearing or buying nicer clothes that she only seems to wear out of the house?

No, dresses the same Yes, new cocktail dress

Eye contact

Has the amount of eye contact either gone up or down?

Nope, same as always Come to think of it, yeah


Does she initiate sex less frequently than she used to?

No, our sex life is great Yeah, it seems like it


Is she a thrill-seeker?

No, she's pretty risk-averse She's an adrenaline junkie


Has she cheated before?

Never Yes

Your instincts are probably right--there's a good chance she's not entirely faithful.

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