Could You Fuck Someone's Wife?

By FuckPal


Have you ever fucked someone who was in another relationship before?

Never Guilty as charged

Turn the tables

Have you ever been cheated on?

Thankfully no Yeah, it sucked

Bros before hoes

Do you live by the motto 'bros before hoes'?

Getting laid comes first Absolutely, bro's are forever


How good are you at keeping secrets?

I'm an open book My secrets have secrets

Relationship status

Are you in a monogamous relationship?

Nope, I'm free to roam Yeah, but I want more


Is your phone password-protected?

No, I'm Stupid Of Course I do

How desperate are you?

Most people who want to be "the other man" are pretty desperate. How long's your dry streak been going on?

I'm an ice cold pimp Too long to admit out loud


How much alone time do you have?

I'm basically never alone I'm free to meet often

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