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Bars and clubs

Buying someone a drink is an easy way to break the ice. But don't be afraid to open with something a little less traditional, like sharing your nachos or striking up a conversation with the bartender and then asking the lady at the barstool next to you for her opinion.

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Hot tip for bars and clubs

Get there earlier than you think. It gives you a chance to scope the place out before things get too crazy. Plus, when it's less busy, bartenders are happy to chat with you, and having a relationship with a bartender can go a long way to impressing other people who frequent that bar.

Tips for Fucking a Bartender

Your ex

You already know that you're up to par with her standards, and that she's up to yours. Plus, you two already know what each other likes in bed. Asking your former flame to blow off steam with you, no strings attached, can work in your favor.

How to Fuck Your Ex

Your ex...continued

Make sure you aren't texting her because you actually want to get back together. Women can smell desperation a mile away. Don't try to convince her that you're trying to get a second chance at the relationship, either. You're reaching out for pure carnal pleasure; your feelings don't come into the equation.

Reasons Not to Fuck an Ex

Fuck Sites

There are a thousand and one dating sites out there, from those aimed at people looking for serious relationships to apps focused on getting you laid ASAP. Play around on a couple until you find a vibe that you like. Dating apps are a great way to constantly have feelers out looking for someone who might be interested--even when you're at work or asleep, your profile is still available.

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Optimize your Profile

72% of people wear drab colors in their profile pictures. Stand out from the crowd by showing off your bright colors. And make sure you take your photos in natural light, with nothing obscuring your face

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People at concerts are typically there to have a good time, and that doesn't need to stop when the music stops and the lights come on. You can find a lot of people who are willing to get nasty with anyone wearing their favorite band's T-shirt.

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Hot tip for concerts

Asking 'Can I have this dance?' is just cheesy enough that it'll usually provoke a giggle, and it's hard for her to say no when you've already made her laugh." Once you get that far, be a gentleman--she's agreed to dance with you, not to be grinded upon. But if the spark lasts longer than the song, go ahead and see how she feels about taking things up a notch, or even to ahem another kind of dance floor.

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