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Are you looking for a lasting relationship or a one-night stand?

I want a relationship I want a quick fuck

Where to play

Do you want to go to her place, or for her to come over to yours?

My place Her place

Dinner date

Want to go out for a nice meal first?

No, let's cut to the chase Yes, Let's Wine and Dine


How do you feel about oral?

Eat it like a grocery I prefer to receive

Doggy style

Are you into doing it doggy style?

Not my cup of tea Hell yeah


Want to give pegging a try?

No Way! My backdoor is unlocked


Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

Blondes have more fun Brown hair is where it's at

Body parts

Are you a boobs guy or an ass guy?

Boobs Ass


Are you into the BDSM scene?

Nah, not into it The kinkier the better


Do you want to hook up with an older woman?

Not really Yeah, I love cougars!


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